(Bavaria)Brand Site | Importer, Maisel — Maisel's consistent adherence to the original brewing process with selected wheat and barley malt and the use of its own yeast breed make Maisel's Weisse a unique pleasure. This is the dark top-fermented beer popular in Duessledorf and surroundings. Pilsner. (Baden Wuerttemberg)Brand Site | Importer, Eichbaum — The Eichbaum beer brewing company is located in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. DÜSSELDORF, Germany. (Bavaria)Brand Site | Importer, Andechser — The monastery of Andechs has a brewing tradition since 1455 and produces one of the best bock beer and wheat beers. Today the Eichbaum brewing company is owned by Actris AG. People often ask what popular brands of German beer are? Hofbräu beer is imported directly from the brewery in Munich, Germany. At its best, it is light, crisp, clear with an earthy hint of the Saaz hops. There’s a reason that German beer is a benchmark for beer-lovers around the world: Because it’s reliably delicious, wildly food-friendly, and typically very affordable. Pinkus is a name that stands not only for brewing, but also for a long family tradition, with five generations of brewers dating back to 1816. Today the Pfungstädter Brewery is one of the few medium-sized breweries in Germany that is still 100% family owned. Get the latest recipes, news and special offers... German Foods North America, is an independent blogger, importer and retailer based in Washington, DC. (Schleswig Holstein)Brand Site | Importer, Franziskaner — The original fresh wheat beer taste. Kölsch is an unusual beer because it is brewed with ale yeast, but it is aged like a lager. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9arJ. AllmightyBanjo. Hermann, Missouri. Fresh pilsner from the tap takes about 7 minutes to pour into the iconic long neck pilsner glass, because of high pressure and carbonation. German Beers. (Hesse)Brand Site | Importer, Braukunst Keller — The handcrafted beers from Himburg's Braukunstkeller are brewed according to the German Purity Law with the soft brewing water of the Bavarian Forest. (North Rhine Westphalia)Brand Site | Importer, Warsteiner — In the beginning was a pilsener, the now famous and popular Warsteiner Premium Verum. Altbier. The top seller has a soft, white head perched above a flickering light golden brew while an understated sweet grain aroma lifts spicy noble hops up to the nose. Pilsen is now by far the most popular style in Germany, if not worldwide. Perched above the Missouri River, between Kansas City and St Louis, the site of … The traditional fermentation and a 6-weeks maturing process in ice cold tanks is the big difference between our beers and the industrially produced discount beers who in general mature beer only for 2-4 weeks. (Bavaria)Brand Site, Paulaner — The finest Munich art of brewing since 1634 - Paulaner is Munich tradition. Pure water, the finest spring barley, selected hop varieties and of course our yeast from its own pure breeding. Year after year, the outstanding quality of products receives recognition in the form of many national and international awards. Even after 400 years the beer is still brewed by the monks at the Abbey. (Bavaria)Brand Site | Importer, Apostelbraeu — A well known Bavarian brewery that uses malt from spelt, an ancient grain. Yeasty characteristics emerge in the aroma as the beer warms, so drink it cold to fully appreciate the fragrant, earthy hops and mellow sugary malt scents. The law is a series of regulations that limited the ingredients used in German beer to water, barley, and hops. This refreshing combination of tastes makes Prima a classy quencher in the tradition of the Pilsners of Europe. (Hamburg)Brand Site, Julius Echter – Hefeweiss Dunkel — Julius Echter is one of the foremost purveyors of German hefeweizens, and once you get a smell of this beer, you will know why. Check out our infographic to learn all about the most popular beers in the U.S. The brew a very light, lean beer in the Pilsener brewing style with perfect head of foam, a full-bodied-soft and fresh taste and a light yeast flower. German beer brands that are famous in the United States include Beck's, Paulaner and St. Pauli Girl. Riedenburger Brauhaus has an outstanding expertise in brewing Bavarian-style wheat beers since the 1950s. (NJ in 1964 listed 34 German brands vs 6 Dutch ones available). (Bavaria)Brand Site | Importer, Clausthaler — Ever since it put non-alcoholic beer on the map in 1979, Clausthaler has been the gold standard of the segment. Established in 1328, it is Munich's oldest independent brewery. Owned by (Bavaria)Brand Site | Importer, Ayinger — Beer in Bavaria has had an exceptionally high value since time immemorial. A späti is one of the first things you’ll learn about in Germany’s capital. With its unique bright amber color and its pronounced fruity-spicy taste, it differs in a pleasant way from other wheat beers. Owned by Anheuser Bush Inbev. Relevance. What makes it so special?