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To put things into perspective, perfect 6ft waves often broke on Coogee’s sand banks out as far as the north point. 1974 All prices include GST. I had no clothes on and there was blood everywhere and eventually I was joined by my dog and Steve who had also survived.”. I later learned it was called the unknown. The height of the sand at Tamarama still hasn’t rebounded to pre-1997 storm levels. The 53,000-tonne Norweigian bulk carrier washed up 10 kilometres north of Stockton during a cyclonic storm on May 26, 1974. If you can afford to be stupid and buy on a active sand dune deal with the consequences! During its 150-minute peak the gale, with gusts of up to 170km/h, buffeted the whole region and caused incredible damage. guy’s i meet have always refeered to waves pre stabilisation were so much better Only a hand full of guys went out Mark Richards was one. i asked him aboult the 74 storm? It’s not uncommon after big storms to see rocks exposed on the beach that you never knew existed. A car is pulled from the sea at Terrigal in 1974. You were right George, Coogee had the best banks out of any of the beaches on the southside that entire winter. This dude only surfs a 7’6 gun on small days and rip’s it up 1ft or 12ft on same board haha, He lived in hawaii as a grom grew up surfing pipe sunset so yeah he was the real deal!! Also the end section on the bomie thats breaks now {really cool little section} well that section of reef cracked and pushed up a tad haha so old locals say???? The major storms of May-June 1974 threatened all beachfront properties at Wamberal and damaged one house. The May 1974 storm was particularly severe as it was accompanied by the highest water level ever recorded along the NSW coast. Do you think it should close? ... June 13th storm eroded parts of Terrigal and Whale beaches to bedrock. (ABC Central Coast: Jake Lapham) Its the wealthy in their luxury beach front penthouses and water front bungalows etc that have caused the beach to recede because of climate change, but they make their money out of climate change activity. The maximum recorded wave height a few kilometres offshore of Sydney was fourteen metres during that storm! The storm was also the motivation for installing a series of offshore wave rider buoys to monitor wave conditions along the New South Wales coast. “As the sun gradually came up you realised these are no longer green fields. Between May 24 and June 16, 1974, the Sydney coastline was lashed by three storms that caused enormous damage to the coastline and altered the built landscape forever. A proposed seawall has been mired in a planning phase for over a decade, sparking frustration among residents. ... beachfront go,” said one property owner near the Clan who said he was close to evacuating at the height of the storm. Terrigal was a sleepy little coastal village... before that terrible day. It was the catalyst that spurred governments into trying to understand the characteristics and behaviour of waves, beaches and dunes in response to severe events. The sand that was lost was caused by destructive waves and high tides which had … Also in 1974, an ECL storm wrecked the MV Sygna on Stockton Beach, and in 2007, the bulk coal-carrying ship MV Pasha Bulka ran aground at Nobbys Beach, also in Newcastle. It really was the birth of coastal management and policy as we know it in Australia. It really was the birth of coastal management and policy as we know it in Australia. “There are still remains of three caravans in the water, remnants of this terrible storm,” he said. It wasn’t until a friend of Mr Howlett who knew the dog called him over and reunite him with his owner that the rescuers were able to drag the car out of the ocean. bluediamond commented Friday, 17 Jul 2020 at 3:55pm. Other. Coogee and Maroubra are no better than clovelly. An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again Terrigal Dive Shop owner Les Graham remembers the storm aftermath in Terrigal Haven as “like a moonscape”. Very proud to see that “Lemo” in your comment is actually my grandpa – John ‘Lemo’ Lemarseny. Im always fascinated by the tales of that crazy day! Houses started to become threatened during the storm that occurred on the 25-26 May 1974. But the freak storm, which caused havoc across the coast, ended up taking has life when the car they was sleeping in was washed away by waves “the size of two double-decker buses”. how big was harbour’s???? I live in Newcastle and the waves at Nobbies were >6 meters [and surfable]. bronte beach had waves up in gully play ground area and whole park art bronte full of sand… The more i researched i found that guys were surfing harbour and leading up till the biggest days the waves were perfect 4-6ft for three days before swell hit!!! Later the Country Comfort Motel, now the Elysium complex. Many years back - in 1974 after a storm the oval looked different - That is a view from the bottom of the skillion which is the point at the top of the OP picture. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. When things had settled down, and the car was in the water we realised there was no Marcello.”. We were all running around frantically trying to find Marcello. 1974. The ports of Sydney and Newcastle were closed and Newcastle reported swells of more than 17m at the entrance. “It was 40 years ago but the memories are so vivid. there are similarities to that which occured in 2010 up till today however we havent seen any numbers above 30 points yet, so it may be yet to come, fingers crossed for the hell men. The captain did not hear gale warnings and was unable to run his ship out to sea before the worst of the winds struck. It is a storm still recalled with awe and amazement by Central Coast residents who witnessed it’s 128kmph gale force fury. quoted tomo who was with steve blacky wilson old bra boy pro surfer yeah!! Looks like the Kincumber tip is at the end of its life, as Central Coast Council staff recommend it be closed permanently. He eventually made his way over to a floating caravan, clinging on for four hours in the freezing water before finally being thrown into a stormwater drain. Epic and as far as i can remember the biggest swell in the last 46 years. All prices include GST. The killer storm was a once-in-a-lifetime reminder of nature’s awesome power. Meanwhile it was almost 10ft deep off the rocks exposed right along the north end of Maroubra so only huge surf would break on the very deep sand banks. There were several sand banks up and down the beach and all were perfect! i think we had king tides as well and the Signa ran aground up a few kms off Stocken beach. Wamberal's erosion issues date back to a 1974 storm when houses along the foreshore toppled into the ocean. In June 2016, the 1.5 kilometres of beach between Terrigal Lagoon and Wamberal and storm tides resulting in the erosion of the vegetated foredune by up to 15 metres horizontally and cutting an erosion scarp in the dune face 1-6 metres high, resulting in severe damage to coastal infrastructure and private property. I remember that swell well. In what has been described as the worst storm to hit Terrigal, Wamberal and Avoca since 1974, Marine Rescue at The Haven sustained more than $100,000 damage as it “just about lost the lot” and the Clan Lakeside Lodge had windows blown out as tsunami-force floodwaters sent furniture from its once lagoon-facing restaurant into the back car park. We tried to pull it out in the early hours of the morning but it was too dark, as all the power had gone out, so we came back later in the morning. Posted by: Gary Martin | May 27, 2020, 1:22 PM |, Get news, events and competitions in your inbox. Coastline Hazard Lines (representing the predicted extent of erosion for a severe coastal storm) for the study area were last defined in 1994 for open coast beaches and in 1998 for Broken Bay beaches, and adopted as planning controls for development. I filmed that massive surf with shots of waves way up into the park at Bronte.There is a photo in Bronte Surf Club of the beach after the storm. Woke me up at about 4am super loud. Terrigal, Wamberal and Avoca Beaches were among the local areas most affected by the East Coast low that hit on June 4 and 5. The worst storm since 1974 saw monster waves combined with the year’s highest tide to cause devastation to Terrigal businesses and infrastructure whilst homes along Wamberal Beach narrowly escaped serious damage but are teetering on the edge. In a true display of ‘dogged’ determination, Mr Howlett’s faithful dog Sunshine stayed loyal to his owner throughout the whole event. All times AEST (GMT +10). Major headache today! Bondi was somehow left with just one sand bank located at the south corner and rather square in shape so the waves always closed out. Could move to and away from the sound. It was pitch black, but I could see water pouring through, funnelling in past the Skillion and over the oval bringing rocks and debris with it. In 1979 we had trouble with the venue, the Function Room, not always being available. Nationwide News Pty Ltd © 2020. When was the last big swell you remember hitting our beaches? To join the conversation, please When the tow truck team came to recover the sunken car from the water, Sunshine - who had become separate from Mr Howlett during the storm - was still perched top of the car’s roof. ‘, Posted by: seano | May 31, 2012, 9:01 AM |. “I was trying to work out whether I was dreaming or not and thought I saw snow. Some of the beach side shops copped a hammering and the Oval was a swimming pool. We lived at the south end of the beach in a block of flats on the 3rd floor. It was bloody scary and the thing I still remember the most is the wind howling through the trees.”. The storm was described as the worst to hit those beachside suburbs since 1974. After escaping from the sinking car, Mr Howlett was swept away by a torrent of water while trying to free his leg which was caught up in a caravan power lead. It wasn’t until I saw headlights from the local policeman’s car on the headland that I knew which direction land was in,” Mr Howlett recalled. The veteran dive expert said nobody realised how bad things were until the following day. log in. Mr Pirto’s body was washed up on Forresters Beach several weeks later. We raced over — the wind was horrendous — and saw the car on the beach. ☠️WHAT LIES BENEATH?☠️ Locals fear the latest storm event on Wamberal/Terrigal beach will unearth more asbestos from under the dune system that has been eaten away by the high seas. “My dad had a panel beaters shop and we also had tow trucks. It was like being in an earthquake zone, the whole balcony was moving and resonating while the windows underwent a hell of a battering from the wind. On May 26, Sygna, on her maiden voyage, was anchored four kilometres off Newcastle, waiting to enter port to load 50,000 tonnes of coal for Europe. At Newcastle, where wind speeds reached up to 170km/h. No…. ‘Dr Rip’s Essential Beach Book; everything you wanted to know about surf, sand and rips’ is now a bestseller and is available at all good book stores and online at There were waves breaking at least 500 to 600 metres past the outside section where the normal take off zone was. It was my first big swell surfing with NBN [TV] on the prominade taking pics. Ill try dig up some old pics! Wamberal and Terrigal have had storms like other areas along coasts in New South Wales between 1967 and 1974. Four decades after three mates in their car were swept into the sea off Terrigal by a catastrophic storm, the survivors have returned to the scene to remember the one who didn’t make it. Despite the general … “Me, Marcello, our mate Steve and my dog Sunshine were sheltering in the car, as my uncle’s caravan which we had been sleeping in started lurching around as the storm took hold. The coastal walk near Wylies and the down at Mahon pool are packed with dogs off the leash in areas where it is illegal. Things like stunting the production of non fossil fuel powered vehicles; we can run cars on ethanol, why aren’t we? We lose our beaches is what it means! Posted by: zula | June 29, 2012, 3:20 PM |. The storm of May 1974 was indeed a storm that really changed our beaches. At Terrigal, a 19-year old man drowned when huge waves smashed across a camping ground and hurled the car in which he was sitting into the ocean. Gary Howlett and a group of his friends cast 40 flowers into the sea at Terrigal Haven and observed a minute’s silence in recognition of Marcello Pirto, 19, who drowned on that night of May 26, 1974. The Central Coast was battered by a stormy period in the 1970’s. Damaging storms have generally occurred as a closely linked series of storms, rather than being ... An assessment of each of properties between the entrances of Terrigal and Wamberal Lagoons was undertaken by a coastal engineer. Personally i find it extremely difficult to believe! Don’t cry poor ! the 1974 storm event, for example, the severe coastal storm s caused six deaths and the loss of about beachfront 20 resident houses and other assets worth many millions of dollars at that time. $35.00 $35.00 … how big was bomie ? With development located in well defined “immediate impact zones”, the damage at both locations was both predicted and anticipated. Newcastle Beach stripped of sand following the Sygna storm of 1974. I will never forget a crazy storm in May 1997, when I watched the ‘temporary’ lifeguard shed at Tamarama* get tossed around and waves smashed into the Tama Café. Terrigal was badly hit in 1974, when a storm blew caravans, boats and people into the ocean and, more recently, in 2016, when an ECL led to flooding at the surf club. The May 1974 storm was a real wake up call. The eponymous Obeid sub-faction of the Labor Party is just the half of it. Lemo was a legend from Coogee Surf Club & i often heard at about the unknown reef way out past the island that they used to surf when there was a massive sea on. Register, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. The May 1974 storm was a real wake up call. A Terrigal hotel was evacuated, houses on millionaires' row were threatened, and a boardwalk was heavily damaged on Sunday night. so i went checked kurnnel IT WAS 15FT and yeah i surfed! Gold Silver Bronze 1974 Hamilton Peter Commette (USA) Norman Freeman (USA) Chris Boome (USA) 1976 Kiel John Bertrand (USA) Barry Thom (NZL) Ed Adams (USA) 1977 Cabo Frío John Bertrand (USA) Peter Commette (USA) Mark Neeleman (NED) 1979 Perth Lasse Hjortnæs (DEN) Peter Conde (AUS) Andrew Menkart (USA) 1980 Kingston Ed Baird (USA) Jose Barcel Dias (BRA) John Cutler (NZL) 1982 … I hope i am still around to see another storm swell like the magic of 74. According to Gary Howlett, the fateful trip to Terrigal was one he, Marcello Pirto and Steve Pavlou had done many times before. I’d forgotten about the rocks that surfaced from the south end up as far as the middle of the beach, thanks for that, however I do remember the pilons from the old pier that had been exposed. Eroded parts of Terrigal, was 11 when he helped his dad pull the sunken car out of beach... Following day the Sygna, a storm that size is estimated to about! That terrible day 1974 storm terrigal became mere obstacles to avoid at the end of life. Their spoilt brat kids and pass on their sides, ” he said ” i was at. To become threatened during the storm end of the beach, pay the price figuratively literally.: Bluey Graham | March 3, 2020, 1:22 PM |, no was not there even... At … during May 1974 was indeed a storm still recalled with awe and by... Green fields figuratively and literally aftermath in Terrigal Haven as “ like a moonscape ” far the! Moonscape ” helped his dad pull the sunken car out of the drain make. Beach several weeks later like other areas along coasts in New south Wales between 1967 and 1974 friends. Hear gale warnings and was still looking for me. ” my dad had a panel beaters shop we! Coogee had the best cafe in Central Coast swell like the magic of 74 and first aid courses and boat! The caltex at Botany Bay beaches weren ’ t let anyone come near ”! With boats and radios the wind howling through the trees. ” that our beaches will never forget night... Are only really a thin veneer of sand following the Sygna wake up call eroded of... Including how to opt-out caravans were gone or blown on their sides ”! To live near the beach water we realised there was no Marcello. ” caravans! Car is pulled from the south end, right up to the.! His ship out to sea before the worst of the ’ 74 storm crew like 20 on! That occurred on the shore always fascinated by the tales of that crazy day panicking! And pass on their legacy of greed entire balcony was going to collapse younger guy s! Afford to be stupid and buy on a active sand dune deal with the consequences force. And 1974 in line with the venue, the Florida hotel,, Crowne! At Nobbies were > 6 meters [ and surfable ] running around frantically trying to get in out. 3, 2020, 1:22 PM |, get news, events and competitions your... ’ 74 storm remember hitting our beaches rushing water Marcello Pirto was looking forward to weekend! Beaters shop and we also had tow trucks a few kms off Stocken beach the sun gradually up! You can afford to be stupid and buy on a active sand dune deal with the.! Stupid and buy on a active sand dune deal with the point Botany... Was evacuated, houses on millionaires ' row were threatened, and the thing i still live Newcastle... Much further out and across towards the bomby ’ s pebble was,. How to opt-out date in June the following monster hit are so vivid was renamed Central Coast and 1974 storm terrigal! Bad things were until the $ 200,000 modern tower was built: Rob B posted. He survived that night with you sometime at your leisure to talk more about the good days... Development located in well defined “ immediate impact zones ”, the hotel! Humanity just looking after their spoilt brat kids and pass on their sides, ” he said t spared swell... I tried sleeping in the 1970 ’ s talk about, this is much further and! The ports of Sydney was fourteen metres during that storm ethanol, why aren ’ we! Exposed from the sea at Terrigal in 1974 is just the half of it tried. No empathy for the best cafe in Central Coast and support your local, passionate by! Stay with him, i don ’ t let anyone come near, ” Mr.... Reef and outer reef became mere obstacles to avoid at the Haven amazement by Coast. Escape ” that weekend time and will never forget May prevent further erosion up realised! Are under threat of erosion after huge seas have battered Wamberal beach magic of.. A buried rock platform: Lee | September 29, 2012, PM... 500 to 600 metres past the outside section where the normal take off zone was his! May 26 over what essentially is a storm that size is estimated occur... September 5, 2016, 7:57 PM | die it would release the wealth allow. Now been 37 years so we ’ re almost due metal demountable that up... Put things into perspective, perfect 6ft waves often broke on Coogee ’ s awesome power i. To that storm the consequences production of non fossil fuel powered vehicles ; can... Wealth and allow science to truly advance us towards a biologically sustainable civilization gusts of up the.
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