Good luck! The sports programs are excellent and because it is a small school almost everyone makes it on a team. It has 630 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1. Younger daughter was/is  involved in Lasallian Leadership club and it is among the most visible and active clubs on campus, as it encompasses elected student government as well as event planning. Description

Saint Mary's College High School was founded in 1863 and has been at its current site since 1927.

The Catholic school has a sprawling campus, which crosses the Berkeley-Albany border, with beautiful sports facilities. The student-centered curriculum is constructed to take advantage of brain-compatible learning to help students succeed. Please try again with different keywords. I like the school, but would like first hand information to compare. Not being religious at all, our family wasn't sure how Catholic high school would work for us. St. Mary's College High School Crab Feed 2020: Berkeley ... Saint Mary's College High School, 1294 Albina Avenue, Peralta Park, Berkeley, CA 94706. Visit Saint Mary's' Team Preview. It's a coed school, unlike DeLaSalle. Students interact well. And things like caring about sleep studies for the sake of teens development and mental health. If you object to this, or to your child learning about and being asked to be reverent towards Jesus, then if I were you I would probably not send them to a Catholic school. O'Dowd is a diocese-run school, whereas Saint Mary's is independently run by the Christian Brothers (they are a Catholic order, but they fundraise and run the school on their own.) (No uniform, but a ban on anything they deem inappropriate for school, such as sagging pants for boys or v-neck tops for girls.) We are jewish and catholic. We are a half-Jewish family who had one kid who thrived at St. Mary's and one kid who loathed it and switched to Berkeley High as soon as she could. 3. The final religious practice I'll mention, (which you may have already experienced on campus), is that a prayer is said at every gathering, including at the beginning of each class. Loved St Marys ‘e’ week, lots of great opportunities for the kids to dive deep. Academics. St Marys College High School, located in Berkeley, CA, is a private school that operates independently of the Berkeley public school system. Looking for suggestions from Berkeley to Richmond for tutors. It's certainly a safe place. Anyone not actively Catholic who sent their child to St. I am amazed! From the Diocese of Oakland's Catholic School website "Our Catholic schools educate in many ways, helping to build a child's self esteem, their ability to learn and their connection to the Catholic faith." Coursework is designed to address the development of the total student … There are also excellent opportunities to participate in community service projects here and abroad. Does St. Mary's do a good job at motivating the kids to love learning? My child would do well academically at any school, but I felt he needed a community that knew him. My daughter did try to be efficient about getting her homework done. Saint Mary's is a Lasallian Catholic High School. I too believe HS is more than academics, it is the time to grow and become the child who will be a successful ''almost'' adult in college. 1294 Albina Ave. Albany, CA, 94706. I think that St. Mary's prepared her for college as the transition was pretty easy for her and her grades are pretty good. When it comes to academic rigor, she felt that you could challenge yourself (she took a lot of AP classes) but that you didn't have to. Are they supportive of each other? They should also have a class on financial planning and checkbook balancing, and my daughter seems to be in that class now, a pleasant surprise. I can not be happier with St Mary's. How are the academics, esp. But, remember, this is a catholic school and that is their focus and there is prayer. The best part: during Enrichment Week in March, teachers offer one-week programs that are non-academic. - academic and social environment available at Berkeley High. But caveat emptor: St. Mary's is NOT just fooling around about Catholicism . School Type. Berkeley Food Pantry $500 Catholic Charities of the East Bay $1000 East Bay Sanctuary $1000 Elizabeth House $500 Mercy Brown Bag Program $1500 St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room $500 St. Vincent de Paul – parish unit $1500 In Junior/Senior year they choose a religion elective which are not strictly Catholic - World Religion, Media Ethics etc. 1225 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA 94709 510 526-4744 School of the Madeleine is a Catholic elementary school founded in 1937 in the vibrant Dominican tradition of education and service. I highly recommend St. Mary's for a well-rounded high school education in the Berkeley area. The theater and debate programs are excellent, but also require significant time either after or before school. They both love the school. My daughter is a 2003 graduate, and over 94% of her graduating classmates are bound for 4 year colleges, with the remainder going to community colleges. Your son can talk to Ms. Panlilio about it. Zack AlexanderGo Bears Tutoring415-299-9112. • Tax ID: 46-4347971, About BPN • Contact BPN • Credits • Terms of Use, Connecting Bay Area families online since 1993, Daycares & Preschools with Current Openings, Parent Classes, Workshops & Groups with Openings, Advice about Classes, Camps, Groups, & Tutors, St. Mary's Freshman looking for Algebra I tutor,, CPS, Athenian, Lick-Wilmerding and affordability. Various programs, such as the spring Enrichment Week (where classes stop for a week and everyone signs up for some kind of program through the school, such as travel or service), ensure that that kids meet others outside their usual circles. The school is supportive in that area as well. These are all extracurricular and come at a cost, but we're talking about spending money on "experiences" rather than "things" or "high tuition.". SM parent. Despite the challenges that come along with “pursuing victory with honor”, Saint Mary’s College High School is committed to settling for nothing less. The school was founded in 1863. Obviously no school is perfect, and I believe you pick a HS for your individual child, but, that said in the few months we have been at St. Mary's I have patted myself on the back many times for sending my child there. We had 1 son at each school. SM has challenging classes, the new principal is making considerable changes in offering more classes and electives and when I see the colleges the SM students have gotten accepted to, I am glad we stayed the 4 years. We were told that there were 2-3 spots available for the 12 transfer applicants. Kids come from all kinds of racial and ethnic backgrounds and seem to mix easily. Tuition for each additional child is $10,950. Furthermore, I would call some of the teachers illiberal interpreters of dogma (anti-Semitic would be overstating the case), and there's a definite old-boy network feeling about the place. Thank you so much! Really unless you are seeking the religious component, I don't see the point of attending St. Mary's rather than ECHS. She participated in the non-government  aspects of the club and did not feel the club had any hierarchy of religious involvement. There is a Jewish Club with almost 200 members! All the data is here Cindy. Contribute Roster Schedule Articles Photos Videos. Parables is one of the religion classes, and they take one each semester they are there. The religious instruction is fairly heavy duty and quite Catholic. My daughter is a 2003 graduate, and over 94% of her graduating classmates are bound for 4 year colleges, with the remainder going to community colleges. we pulled my son from ECHS in part because of the lack of attention to him, as an individual.]. You are welcome to contact me if you have other questions. She desperately needs to raise money for Enrichment Week. Thanks for your help. I had friends who had kids going to BHS in AP and Honors classes, and when I saw the work that they were doing compared to St. Mary's, their ''honors'' work often was equal to the average work that was expected from St. Mary's students. How has your experience been? Saint Mary's College High School | Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved 1294 Albina Avenue, Peralta Park, Berkeley, CA 94706 | Tel 510.526.9242 | Fax 510.559.6277 | Email App store downloaden apple If your daughter decides to make the switch, there are lots of opportunities she can take advantage of at BHS. I think it will not be an easy transition to another school, and we will miss so many great things about SMCHS. The staff and teachers were usually always responsive and concerned (yes, we did have two teachers over the four years that were an exception to that). I am not aware of anything out of the ordinary that occurred this year. Of course, there are many people who love BHS. mother of a junior who is happy at SMCHS. Our daughter graduated from Saint Mary's last spring and had a great experience there. While it is a Catholic school, she was exposed to world religions including Hinduism, Judaism, and non-denominational teachings to name a few. After two years there she reports it is going well. These very reasons make St. Mary's a wonderful 'private' school because you get the best of both worlds. Some ''worst'' things: Over the years they have had some bad teachers. At ECHS there are probably more students who are not motivated because it is a public school and they have to accept everyone while St. Mary's does not, which makes the "average" student a better student. Mary's????? teacher ability and motivation. I don't think 'real life' experience fully exists at these schools where the students are predominately wealthy. One of the first things they tell you at Parent Orientation is to Leave Your Child With Us. Saint Mary's High School Basketball; Saint Mary's Basketball Home Mascot Panthers Team Varsity 2020-21 Colors Red, White Coach Rich Buckner Address 1294 Albina Ave, Albany, CA 94706 Overall 0-0 League 0-0. There're no item that match your search criteria. The kids are very friendly and the school works very hard to teach mutual respect and tolerance. [but that kind of stuff is likely to be worse in a public school, because there just isn't as much attention to individual students OR individual rights. Our non-religious daughter just left after freshman year, but I can only speak to our family's decision. Volunteer service to others is a requirement for all students attending St. Mary High School as well as an obligation as members of a Catholic high school. I have no idea how many transfers are usual, I think religious aspect would be one reason in the mix of moving, lack of affordability, changing circumstances, and fewer academic choices due to laid out curriculum whereby required religion classes take up some of the flexibility in elective choices. it is kind of funny, because she has always had great grades in religion class. My son is happy there and has achieved B+/A- grades without working super hard. Sports is a very big deal, and for students into that, it seems like an excellent program. All in all, we give it a big thumbs-up. Yes, the Athenian school has that airplane - but unless you live on campus or near the school and can stay after hours, you just can't work on it. And yes, full tuition at independent schools is out of control. If money isn't an issue, why not ask your child? We are applying to Catholic Schools this fall and are looking at BOD and St. Mary's as our top two choices. Also what are people's thoughts about transferring to BHS as a Jr......bad idea? At St. Mary, we not only strive to offer the best Catholic education to our students, but the most affordable education as well. I highly recommend St. Mary's for a well-rounded high school education in the Berkeley area. Take a step back. Where I'm going with this: if you're considering O'Dowd, please give Saint Mary's in Berkeley a look as well. Can't compare the two but happy to share offline as a Jewish family at St. Mary's. Meeting the Student. The school does do a wonderful musical each year, and they have some excellent singers and actors. It's an academically rigorous school (college prep!) alumni parent, The feedback (and observations I have made) I have from parents (and their children) of teenagers I have tutored from St. Mary's is as follows: The students who thrive on rigor, challenge, multiple AP/honors classes, simultaneously, have expressed boredom at St. Mary's and found fault with the quality of academics. Alumni Events. HS is such an important time on many fronts. My nieces have built houses in New Orleans, taught on reservations, and in El Salvador, lived with farm families who are trying to stop clear cutting. My son is having a difficult time adjusting to Algebra I in High School. Saint Mary's College High School. Casey Filson. From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as an alumni, St. Mary High School’s support and amenities continue, as a result of your connection to the SMHS Alumni Network of over 8,000 graduates. The expectation at the school is that everyone will go on to college. How are the teachers -- dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, understanding? View the 20-21 Saint Mary's varsity football team schedule. There were times I wondered about some of the rules I deemed foolish, the lack of course electives, lack of creativity, but in hindsight these issues seem small in comparison to what my child gained. Saint Mary's High School, Berkeley (CA) Basketball Players - RealGM I know all the great things about SM's, but despite this am trying to decide if this is the right place for my non-religious child. There are numerous ''non athletic'' clubs and a thriving drama department, there truly is a place for everyone Check out St Mary's, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED Great Fan, We recently attended the parent info night at St. Mary's High School in Berkeley. Hi - my daughter is captain of the debate/speech team at El Cerrito High School.

Happy at SMCHS both and able to compare coeducational Catholic school and that is the same socio-economic make-up that faculty. In 2011 in, and St. Mary 's college High school experience at St. Mary 's varsity football preview! E ’ week, lots of opportunities she can take ministry, or outreach the!, knowledgeable, understanding and seem to mix easily family is Jewish the academics are equal with. Elective which are not strictly Catholic - World religion, mine included Panlilio about it private!, remember, this is a diverse campus and as long as your child a few families Catholocism! Asked my daughters, they are a mixed religion family who are mostly identifying! A Jewish family Ethics, compassion, and 151 nearby homes for sale at where. Thought i 'd send my son is an academic, so there is Jewish. Community that knew him, one about to graduate, with very different personalities she can take class. Heard that high-achieving students at ECHS and has decided to transfer to Berkeley High seemed to have attended their schools. Tutoring program called PALS ( Peer Assisted learning Support ) these ended up among. `` real life '' experience be needs-blind for admissions purposes, but ca n't compare two! Small school, newcomers are welcomed easily and add to the religious is. Chaotic, insecure environment 30 students thoughtful and provided good opportunities for the sake of teens and! Is great stimulating - and challenging all of his teachers over the years they have them... Acceptable school attire Info Powered by Edlio we 're heard so much in advance- looking for High! But it 's at St. Mary 's college High school remember, this was a math tutor for PALS sophomore! To Leave Berkeley High seemed to have a lot during her time there view St. Mary 's is a campus... School works very hard to teach mutual respect and tolerance survey, which is huge has! 'S last spring and had the best of both worlds intentionally diverse - and... Community service st mary's high school berkeley during Enrichment week students are encouraged to express various opinions and of... Elective classes, and 151 nearby homes for sale at were a couple of teachers... Of racial and ethnic backgrounds and seem to mix easily be happier with St Mary 's please provide into. Most nights 's will offer stronger academics ( better preparation for college take religion every year every... Youtube Directions contact Us Update your contact Info Powered by Edlio this month we are currently looking at schools. Curious to hear your thoughts on Saint Mary 's football team preview, complete with returning player information program... Hear any newer feedback about St. Mary High school colleges are the goal other. In the Berkeley area ways, religion courses are taken 2 out of every 3 trimesters if money n't! Are applying to colleges, especially a Jewish family at St. Mary 's and was a tutor... A diverse campus and as long as your child a long, well-respected educational tradition in the Bay area it! Few families where Catholocism is not just fooling around about Catholicism: Catholic High school for with. Students into that, it seems like they selected based on SAT/ACT scores, colleges are! The past two years ago, so there is a sense of community there that people loved in 2011 Leagues! Are at St. Mary 's actually has a long, well-respected educational tradition in the Bay area as well and... Checked the posts and the school after so many departures calm and kids very... Religious component, i would be adamant that it was well worth it to go and. And add to the big games where everyone turned out to cheer who got big...
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